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The Attendance Desk- x2361

* Students arriving late or leaving early MUST sign in at the front desk and get a pass from the attendance officer.

* When calling to report a student will be late or out of school please include the student's ID number.

* The automated notification system will call and send an email informing parents of unverified absences from class the day before. Absences that are excused within 24 hours will not be included in the messaging system. Please contact the attendance desk with any questions or concerns.


Every student is expected to be in school, on time, every day. The school day at Darien High School begins at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 2:17 p.m.
This applies to all students, even if they do not have a first period class.

Upon arriving at school, students are to report to their first class. If students do not have a class in the first time they should then select from the available resources to use their non-scheduled time constructively. (See list on p. 88, "Student Use of Non-Scheduled Time.")

  1. If a student has a class during the first time slot, and arrives after 7:40 a.m., he/she should report directly to class. Remember three tardies equal one unexcused absence.
  2. Students who do not have a class in first time slot and who arrive late must report to the main office and sign in with the attendance secretary. If they do not have an acceptable excuse their homes will be called.
  • Repeat offenders will be assigned detention.
  • Consideration will be made for inclement weather.
  • Student drivers should exercise caution.


Status as an enrolled student in the Darien Public Schools carries with it an obligation to attend school continuously on all scheduled school days. If a parent voluntarily chooses to send his/her child to specialized training (skiing, skating, equestrian, ballet, acting, etc.) which then prevents the student from attending the normal instructional sessions of any of the Darien Public Schools for significant periods of time (9 or more of the scheduled school days in a marking period), these absences will be considered unexcused absences, and the academic consequences of unexcused absences will be imposed, as outlined in the school handbook. The school principals will oversee the application of this policy. The only other option is for the parent to withdraw the student from Darien Public School enrollment and to make alternate arrangements for the child’s education during these periods of time. In these cases, the parent is solely responsible to make other arrangements for the education of the child. When the parent chooses the option to withdraw his/her child from the Darien Public Schools, in no cases will the Darien Public Schools and its staff be responsible further, either directly or indirectly, for the delivery of educational programs and services at sites away from our school buildings. Any parent who chooses to provide education by other means needs to be aware of school policy regarding the acceptance of transferred academic credits.


A warning bell is sounded at 7:35 each morning. Any student who arrives after 7:40 a.m. will be considered late to school. Only when the school is responsible for a student’s being late (i.e. the school bus is late) will tardiness be automatically excused. Only when the student brings an appropriate appointment notice to the Attendance Secretary will a student’s late arrival to school be excused for medical reasons. The school administration will determine if any other unusual circumstances warrant an excused lateness.


If a student is going to be absent or tardy, it is the responsibility of the parent to call the attendance secretary (655-3981, ext. 2361) to report that absence or tardiness. We do not accept absence-reporting calls from students. The parent should tell the Attendance Secretary the student’s I.D. number and the reason for the absence or tardiness. The automated notification system will call and send an email informing parents of unverified absences from class the day before. Absences that are excused within 24 hours will not be included in the messaging system. Please contact the attendance desk with any questions or concerns.


Absences will be excused for the following reasons:

  1. Personal illness
  2. Serious family matters
  3. Other valid reasons

The school administration makes final determination of excused absences. Legislation mandates school attendance, so it is not up to parents to decide what will or will not constitute an excused absence. (All absences must be reported or clarified no later than 48 hours) (2 school days) after it has occurred.

Only with prior notification will the following reasons be acceptable for excused absences:

  1. School Field Trips
  2. Interscholastic Athletic Events
  3. Limited college visitations

Doctor and/or dental appointments, driver's exam, etc., should be scheduled for after-school hours. If after-school arrangements are impossible, such absences will be excused, only if an appropriate appointment notice from the physician, dentist, etc. is brought to the attendance secretary. On going medical appointments during the school day require prior administrative approval.


A student has up to two school days to bring in an excuse for an absence. After that time, all absences are considered unexcused.
Unexcused absence may incur a penalty to be determined by teacher or departmental policy. Any absence that does not meet the above specifications and/or receive administrative consent will be considered an "unexcused" absence or cut. Teachers will determine and carry out the consequences for the first two unexcused absences.
Students can expect to be held responsible for making up missed work.
A student who accumulates three unexcused absences in a given course within one quarter, will lose credit for that quarter and receive an X on their report card. If a student X’s a quarter, he or she must remain in the class to receive future academic credit.
Students should not assume that this policy gives permission for two cuts.
Students may also receive an “X” if they are absent (excused or unexcused) for more than 20% of total class time in a marking period with the exception of documented long-term illness, medical problems or mandated academic absences, such as an AP exam or school related field trip. If a student is in jeopardy academically, all absences should be discussed with the teacher concerned prior to the student’s absence.

Course Withdrawal Policy: Please refer to page 53 of the student handbook


Any student who is absent from school or not in school by 10:00 a.m. with an excused absence will NOT be permitted that day to participate in an extra-curricular activity (athletic practice, game, rehearsal, meeting, or performance). Any exceptions to this require administrative approval.
SUSPENSION: Students who are serving a suspension may not participate in extra-curricular or other school activities.


Family vacations should be scheduled in accordance with school vacations. Class time and learning experiences lost for whatever reason have a direct and negative effect on the student’s education. Inexpensive airfares are not an excuse for extended student vacations and may be detrimental to a student's final grade.
Any absences and missed work because of family vacations (three or more school days) can be excused and made up only if prior notification is given to the student’s teachers and the school administration and only if the vacation does not bring the student into conflict with the 20% rule.
There is a form in the office which is to be used for this purpose and which must be completed in advance and which requires every teacher's signature!
Teachers are under no obligation to provide make-ups for tests, quizzes, or exams missed due to family vacations.


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